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One of the best American fries, burges and shakes

We are a worldwide famous franchise that brings the original taste of burgers and fries, excellent customer services and the American restaurant atmosphere to Qatari people. We deliver our special ingredients fresh and dainty directly from the United States to your plate with our special secret mouthwatering recipe that will satisfy your taste buds and the irresistible smell that will make you hungry. Our slogan is high food quality plus friendly and excellent customer services plus a cozy atmosphere equals your satisfaction. Get the famous American burgers and number one fries in the US, at Boardwalk in Qatar branch.

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a worldwide famous



It all started at an Ocean City, MD Tradition. In the 1980’s summer, Dave and Fran DiFerdinando were strolling down the Boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland enjoying the rides, sea waves but most importantly the legendary fries. An idea popped up in their minds to make those famous fries easy to reach by everyone around the country. Because of their special recipe which has 3 bases: lightly salted, served piping hot, and made to order, they opened the first Boardwalk Fries in White Marsh Mall, White Marsh, Maryland, in 1981 which was a big hit at that time. In 1987 they had franchises from coast to coast selling best fires in the states. As time passed they decided to make combo meals including fries, burgers and shakes all fresh, no frozen and rich in flavors.

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You can also find us on Carriage, Rafeeq, Talabat and Snoonu applications. Order now and enjoy the wonder and irresistible taste.